Map author: Farm Sim Brisco
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 4km x 4km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

This  is a   4x mod   map for Farming Simulator 22 based on a real life location in Cantley, Norfolk, UK.  Whilst i haven’t been able to scale all the houses to the exact scale as real life  iv done my best using some great mods.

I wanted to create this map long before i had even played Farming Simulator or even owned a PC.

With no past experience in Modding i had to read and watch many long  tutorials to help with this project, Iv had to ask many question  and iv been overwhelmed  with the level of support i received

Id like to give a special mention to FarmerBob, his tutorials have been a godsend and he’s always been able to help and point me in the right direction when help was needed.

Id Also like to give a special mention to  Farm_Sim_Guy (FSG) for setting me up a private channel in his discord – server  to allow  his trusted followers to test the map and give me feedback.

One more special mention to Dave Langland who has been along with me since day 1 of this map build and seen me threw  all the problems iv had to deal with and overcome not only in making this map but also my private life. 

A conversation we had back in May of 22 is what gave me the inspiration to move forward and create this map.

I hope this map brings many people ss many hours of joy and fun as it has to create.

The map has taken 8 months to complete and well above 1000 hours which has been difficult at times but based on feedback it’s been well worth it.

Any mods used in The_Oaks map remain the creation and ownership of the Mod creator and it was a great privilege to be able to find such great Mods to suit the map.

(disclaimer Notice) While it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Disturbed his mod “UK growth calender”  has found it’s way into other people’s map’s  he would gladly help out people if asked. i’m very grateful and appreciative he has  sent me the file  to use in the Oaks map…

(disclaimer Notice) Iv used 3 red Barns in the map that most resemble the real life version. i cant remember where or how i found these barns, i had to convert certain  area’s to make  these work with no errors. All credit goes to the original creator and if anyone knows who  this is please let me know.