Map author: Artanis
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

SVK Gorbany is a large 8x map made on real terrain.

Most of the buildings on SVK Gorbany are located in a real place, but objects and productions have been added to diversify the gameplay. At the moment, the map is being developed and is at the final stage. 95% finished.
I was prompted to make this map because I did not find a suitable map for myself, this map was made from real pictures, and it has a real scale and field sizes, there are different fields on the map, different sizes and shapes, both for starting the game alone and for playing to multiplayer.

SVK Gorbany map includes:

– Multi-layered terrain (soil 360 °);
– Diverse terrain;
– Changed textures of trees and foliage;
– New ground paint textures;
– Changed lighting;
– Station for the purchase of lime, manure, and silage;
– Station weighing;
– 2 detailed mechanized yards for parking equipment from garages, sheds, and lighting.
– 143 fields from 0.1 ha to 235 ha hay contracts are present.
– 181 purchased plots.
– 5 huge buyable forest plots.
– 2 gas stations.
– 3 farms.
– 11 points of sale.
– Support for DLC Precision Farming.
– Contracts have been changed for the economy of Ukraine, and new prices for work and equipment rental.
– New owners of the fields, contracts for large fields are given to Agro companies, for small fields
– People.
– Changed economy.
– Sawmill.
– Livestock dealer.
– Mill (production);
– Oil plant (production);
– Sugar factory (production);
– Bakery (production);
– Seed plant (production);
– Grain cleaning (production);
– Sawmill (production);
– Points of sale of potatoes, beets and forests;
– Grain dryer;
– Dairy (production).
– Production of feed for pigs, mono-mixture and mineral feed (production).
– Traffic of pedestrians and cars;

Map SVK Gorbany is translated into English, Polish, German, French, Russian, and Czech.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to: Misha Krutiy (economic balance, crop calendar, crop adjustment for Ukrainian climate) @Evgeny Vitalievich (auto drive courses)


P.s there are QR codes on the card scanning which will transfer you to my group in the telegram, I also collect donations for the Quarry (production chain) – this is a symbolic fee, for the collected money I want to buy myself a game license, but unfortunately, I made a card on a pirated version of the game. I will be happy with any amount.

I would be happy for support, including financial support: PayPal [email protected].