Platforms: PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

Sitio Sucuri is a small map with smooth reliefs, small properties and preserved vegetation typical of the interior.

  • The map is based on the region of Rondonopolis MT Brazil.
  • Containing 60 purchasable fields, 29 of which with missions.
  • Starting as a new farmer you will have a small farm with machinery and small implements.
  • It also has a grapevine, cows and chickens.
  • Forest area with a reduced price for working with wood.
  • If you need water, you can take it from the river.
  • In the city there is a gas station, shop, workshop and market.
  • The map has all standard sales points and factories.
  • Sale of grains at Warehouse and Cooperative.
  • Sale of bales, straw, hay and grass at the MR. Bales.
  • Sale of wool and cotton at MR. Cotton.
  • MR.Woods timber company for the sale of logs and wood chips.
  • Sale of milk and derivatives in the dairy.
  • BGA
  • Collectables are scattered around the map.
  • The seasonal growth plan is standard.
  • New culture added Pinto Beans.