Map author: Fusion Simulations
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

We have Alfalfa that has to be mowed and can bale or tedder for alfalfa hay then we have clover and my clover can be harvisted with a Combine And Grain Header and you will get grass windrow out the back. And we have my Fescue that is a grass the you harvest with a combine and get seeds that can be sold or made in to grass seed at a factory and it regrows after harvest.

I have added compost to the map and anhydrous to the map and i have added a script so that the ai workers will put down both and ther is drycorn on the map to.

The map is set up for Precision Farming And the ap has a few new ground textures and two new grass types And the day and night sky has been ajusted by me as i do all my own work in and out of blender

There are 50 fields and like 80 buy areas with 20 custom collectables worth $100000 each and there is custom mods built into the map and the power poles on the farm can be cut down and sold and all the smalls on the farm can be deleted buy cutting the little tree down beside the house and everything can be sold and the three placeables in the zip folder that have to be in the mods folder for the map to work have fun.

And the horse barn Sale point is not in the sale screen but it is there and that is were clover can be sold but that sale point the the animal bale sale point is on the map over view and that is on purpose lol.

And yes the bobwire fences and the powerpoles on the mane farm can be cut down.


OKUSEDMODS Farm House, Shop
MISSYB Wash Station
LegacyAG 58×50 shop
Fusion Simulations drycorn
Fusion Simulations, Loki_79 Anhydrous Ammonia