Map author: Edmond, Jinkou89
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

Added baby animals: calves, heifers, foals, lambs, chicken chicks, piglets etc. and new animals: goats, ducks (also with baby stages)

Added special feed requirements

Animals eat more but produce more (like in maize plus). I DON’T THINK IT WORKS WITH MAIZE


Goats produce sheep milk (the map already had a new type of milk added and I didn’t know how to add another to the milking machine already on the map; changed the translation to mention sheep and goats); sheep produce milk and wool (as I said, already on the map, not my intervention)

Added new crops: lucerne and clover (with their own bales; if wrapped turns into game’s silage; harvested with a forage cutter, turn into chaff), linseed (harvested with grain cutter; has its own straw called flax fibre) and new grain: rye and millet. Added carrot as a new root crop and also as animal food.

Soybean can leave straw behind (the new straw type used in feeding cows)
The new crop and animal translation is only in English and Romanian.

This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace files in the original mod folder.
Please follow the tutorial made by Enowler on how to add multi-fruit on a map. The process is the same for Italia Emilia Ext.

Be careful to download all the required mods from Edmonds website for the map to work.
Also for the carrot harvest, I added some mods as requirements that should automatically download from the mod hub. Also, you can check my Fortscritt Multifruit edit for a smaller machine.