Map author: DJ Modding
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to Green Valley Nebraska.

The is a fictional Green Valley 4x map based on the northwest region of Nebraska.

  • Corn Dryer is inbuilt in map and produces dry corn from corn, Need to Buy it first to work.
  • Custom harvestore is inbuilt into the map and produces silage from grass/chaff, Need to Buy it first to work.
  • Whiskey, Beer, Wine, Ethanol, Chips, Soymilk, Pasta, and Oatmeal productions are included in the map.
  • Green Valley Map has Custom Geo inbuilt. Corn and Soybeans can be planted in spring and harvested in winter.
  • The map has additional ground textures and can be used in paint mode.
  • Custom lighting added, orange sunrise and sunset, darker nights.
  • The map has 39 arable lands, ranging from medium to large, and a few meadows.
  • Custom grain bins added and NEED AUGERS to dump in grains.
  • Nebraska license plates added.
  • 4 custom farm areas on the map with 7 dairy barns and 2 pigsties. Need to buy land to own.
  • Added Anhydrous Ammonia as a new fertilizer type.
  • 2 Fire Stations are added to the map with animated doors.
  • All farms have water and fuel triggers. I left out the house trigger so players can add their own triggers.
  • A BGA plant can be found in the centre-right with a methane sell point and charging station.
  • 21 sell points are included and vary for each product.
  • There is a Case Dealership, a bulk feed shop for buying seeds, lime, herbicide, fertilizer, anhydrous, and propane.
  • Added sell point for chaff, for those that don’t want to mess with making silage like me.
  • Multi-Terrain Angle installed, using 32 angles.
  • Green Valley Map is completely Error-free and has just a few small warnings that are harmless.

Note: I do not take complete credit for the models/objects as a few of them are from Fs19 maps where I did convert to FS22, and make changes to models and textures.

Map Models & objects: Giants Software, CCS101, DR Modding, MRG Mapping, MB Farms, Louisiana Mapping, Central Ohio Modding, Lancyboi, Txzar Mapping, CBJ Midwest Modding, Seriousmods, NoCreekFarms, NEFG Modding, Antler22, CSA Modding, HD Modding, Dyjo modding, Piotr75, ShowMeDirt, PM-Modding, RWModding, AWModding, Fatian and TSM, blueweb, Rory Kain, bhModding, North Simulation, cjwilksy, IB055, ThompsonM06, Fendt512, Basti_66, Amy Hertzler, Eric Borman, Edwards Modding, Dr.Drulia, and 4MR modding.

Scripts: LS-Modcompany/kevink98, modelleicher, GTX, Ifko, Andy, LKX/Stegei, Sven777b, Evgeny Zaitsev, TracMax, CCS101.