Map author: L2C MODDING, Peponne Modding, andy farmer, MA7 L2C MODDING, Peponne Modding, andy farmer, MA7
Platforms: PC/MAC PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to the extension of the Elha Valley, some will not recognize it and yes it has evolved.
Today I offer you a gameplay and an environment more realistic than ever (modified season) the leaves fall, fireplace that lights up, Christmas decoration, pumpkin, sound on all the maps, weather, etc.

Everything has been reviewed to give you an immersive side and immerse yourself in the environment of élha.

A small town surrounded by 120ha of land, a marsh that floods during heavy storms or winter from November to February, forest and of course the slope.

You will find 4 farms (2 breeding + cereal, 1 forest, 1 arboreal) meadows, points of sale, a train that will allow you to deliver your cereal to the crew farm and much more.

The maps are studied to push the breeding to its maximum. So take advantage and enjoy yourself. #L2C Modding

I concluded by thanking Peponne once again for the mutual aid we give, Andy Farmer and his team for the animals which without them would not be complete, MA7 for these free but magnificent buildings and finally my team which realized crazy tests in a short time and who promoted it with me with a beautiful trailer.