Map author: Vyciokazzz
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to map Brzozówka.

Coming Christmas and New 2023 year I make a new version of this good map. If the author does not like this version I do it for everyone. Good Christmas and Happy New 2023 Year. This is the latest recreated version of this map.

The map offers:
– 3 Farms (Chicken, Cow-Pig, Chicken-Sheep)
– 228 Fields (including meadows)
– 240 Farmland
– 20 objects to find
– Varied terrain
– Water abstraction from lakes
– 4 new vehicles on the roads
– New terrain painting textures
– Fuel Station
– Biogas plant
– Animal trader
– Straw purchase
– Machine Shop Agro Tech Rol
– Workshop Agro Tech Rol
– Mine
– Sawmill
– Carpenter
– Sawdust purchase TROTEX
– Spinning mill
– Shop Dindo
– Shop CBA
– 2 Dairies
– Sugar factory
– Bakery
– Chicken coops
– Grain purchase Swierklany
– Beet Buying Świerklany
– Grain Mill
– Inn Brzozówka
– Oil mill
– Construction Sites
– Grain elevator
– Grain purchase Plonek
– New auxiliary icons
– Multi-terrain 360°
– Optimizing the map
– Minor corrections

Added Multifruit
Reworked Terrain
Repainted all map locations after adding Multifruit and fixed not correctly growing fruits in many locations
Added a new loading screen and map icon
Added Authonomuosly vehicles for new fruits in the map
Reworked mission vehicles
Readapted new missions in contracts
Added custom fruits animations

All new fruits grow correctly, and all are tested in multiplayer mode and in single-player too. What I do for this map I do multifruit with no custom Lua.
All fruits added with standard not changed any of script, this is standard growth and usage revamped in multi-layer files, field fruits usage in three custom layers. If you change any fruit or add new fruit, you require to repaint all terrain from scratch.

If anyone can make a new video overview for this map version? Thank you all for supporting. Maybe next time and the next map update in 2023 I add more fruit options in this map and fully make an adaptation to Terra Forming.