Map author: Rubberburner89
Platforms: PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to Bloomfield Canada.

This map is loosely based off a real life location.

Features included within this map include:

  • 4 farms all with sellable buildings, in order to customize it however you see fit.
  • 109 farmlands for sale. Lots of room for placeables.
  • 58 fields of varying size.
  • Custom growth schedule
  • Custom Precision Farming soil map
  • Custom license plates
  • Custom NPC’s
  • Custom placeables
  • AI traffic and pedestrians
  • Functional train
  • All of the Elm Creek production facilities
  • Additional paintable textures
  • 100 collectables