Map author: bohdan538
Platforms: PC/MAC
Map size: 2km x 2km
FS version: Farming Simulator 22

New map with productions.
On the map, you can collect a collection of toys, just like on the default one.
New crops – alfalfa, buckwheat, carrots, onions, clover, hops, flax, mustard, peas, raspberries, rye, as well as 110 new types of products.
There are 14 factories and 7 orchards.
Orchards: apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, cherry, sweet cherry.
Bakery (9 types of bread)
Brewery (2 types of beer and kvass)
Plotnitskaya (Empty pallets, barrels)
Dairy plant (Kefir, yoghurt, condensed milk)
grain cleaning
grain dryer
Flour mill (10 types of flour)
Cereal factory (7 types of cereals, 4 types of flakes)
Oil extraction plant (Linseed oil, cake, default oils)
Cannery (9 types of juice)
Sawmill (Beam, chipboard, paper)
Sewing factory (Linen fabric, tow bags)
Sugar factory (cane sugar, beet sugar, bagasse, bagasse)
Winzavod (6 types of wine)
All standard products that were made in standard factories have been removed or redesigned.
Grain that is immediately removed from the field, not cleaned or dried, costs 5% less.
Changed temperatures on the map.
By default, only 2 plants, a mill and a bakery are placed on the map, the rest of the plants can be bought through the menu.
There are many sites on the map where you can buy and place your objects there.
Animals are also not placed on the map by default, everyone can put them as pleases.
The economy on the map is sharpened for hardcore, for lovers of complexity, that’s it, but you can also play at medium and easy levels, there are also contracts on which you can earn the first time.
There are 79 fields on the map, from 0.4 GA to 135, with a total size of 1016 GA, both smooth and curved, for every taste.
There are also forest areas, ranging in size from 300 to 4.500 trees, the total number of trees is about 10.000.
The card is not cluttered with unnecessary decor and has good performance.
Map size 4x. (4 sq. km.)
There is traffic of cars, and pedestrians, (Pedestrians will be completed in some places)